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Deploy your flutter apps as you build on Dart’s first-ever serverless framework as a service (FAAS). Join the waiting list and pay $78 instead of $780 post-launch when you book a seat.

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Databases APIs

The best thing to ever happen to Dart, all in the cloud


Choose and customize your authentication process from a host of authentication providers like Firebase, Okta, and Auth0.

Streamlined API Integration

Integrate into your Dart codebase, Swagger, APIary, Postman, and more.

Cloud Database

Boost storage and scalability for your Dart app with familiar database providers like Firebase, Postgres, and Amazon Neptune.

Flexible Postgres Provisions

Aortem tailors your project needs with the best Postgres capabilities, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM.

Serverless Framework

Launch your premium idea effortlessly with Aortem's all-in-one serverless magic. APIs, databases, storage, and more for your Dart app, minus the setup headaches.

Same Dart Code but Faster Builds

About Aortem

“The first step is Dart; everything else is plug and play.”

Aoterm is a Dart-based framework for deploying enterprise-grade apps at lightning speed. Aortem consolidates all your application needs without externally sourcing resources like API, storage, Authentication, and more. Knowing Dart language makes Aortem your home as it follows all of Dart’s and Flutter’s best practices. Aortem launches in 2 months, and you can save 90% an entire year if you book a first-row seat today.